Commercial games

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Survivor Mercs

Bullet heaven roguelike with a twist

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High Rise

A relaxing match-3 inspired mobile game, available for iOS and Android

Industrial XR

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VR Firefighting

VR Firefighting innovations showcase commissioned for the BMBF-Innovationsforum "Zivile Sicherheit" 2022.

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Behavioural simulation in Augmented Reality .

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VR project in Unreal Engine 5 currently under NDA

This will be updated when the NDA is lifted!

Games and personal things

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A cosy VR game where you play with your bird best friend!

Tower Offense Screenshot

Tower Offense

Tower defence game with procedurally generated grid, pathfinding system, and online features.

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Level Loader

Custom system to dynamically load needed scenes.

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Curve library to always have them at hand.

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Speak Easy

Simplistic dialogue system.

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Candy Up

Retro FPS in a PSX aesthetic with juicy gameplay

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2020: Urgh odyssey

Retro schmup

Interested in other projects?

Please check out more of the stuff I made less related to work!