We all use Lerp, but there are very few things we actually want to interpolate linearly in games. Of course, we use easings curves.

Although Unity's Animation Curves could be used, sometimes you just want a fast implementation that would save you from creating another field.

This is where Easings comes in. It's a library of curves that can be used to interpolate between two values in a clean and fast way.

The library contains most of the popular easing curves in use, most being listed on Easings.net:

  • Linear
  • InQuad
  • OutQuad
  • InOutQuad
  • InCubic
  • OutCubic
  • InOutCubic
  • InQuart
  • OutQuart
  • InOutQuart
  • InQuint
  • OutQuint
  • InOutQuint
  • InSine
  • OutSine
  • InOutSine
  • InExpo
  • OutExpo
  • InOutExpo
  • InCirc
  • OutCirc
  • InOutCirc
  • InElastic
  • OutElastic
  • InOutElastic
  • InBack
  • OutBack
  • InOutBack
  • InBounce
  • OutBounce
  • InOutBounce

A very simple example of practical use:

using UnityEngine;

public class Example : MonoBehaviour
void Update()
        var x = Mathf.Lerp(0, 10, Easings.InOutQuad(t));

All of the curves were thoroughly tested on Desmos Graph.

The entirety of this system is publicly available on Github.

Lastly, the system is bundled as a Unity custom package, making it easy to update.

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