Seb Decuyper

My name is Sebastien Decuyper, also known as "Glaas" on social media. I am a game designer and programmer currently living in Berlin, Germany, currently working solo on a VR game called "Seashore".

I specialize in game programming with a focus on tool development, mostly in Unity. (Although strongly considering to look more into Unreal Engine.)

I worked at as Lead Programmer on two projects, a VR firefighting simulation and a showcase of innovations in AR (augmented reality).

I am currently looking for an internship or a job in the field of game development. This is a short sample of my work! For more, please see my portfolio and CV!

Scene Loader

Dynamic scene loading in editor and at runtime

VR Firefighting

Innovations showcase in VR

Awards and acknowledgements
  • This game I made for Ludum Dare 47 ranked in the top 30%!
  • I volunteered at Gamesweekberlin and Devcom, and I always hang out at A MAZE./BERLIN!
  • This desktop pet I made got over 7000+ downloads 😯
  • Things I do!
  • Have I mentioned I'm also a blacksmith? 🔨🔥
  • I try to complete the Advent of code every year since 2020!
  • I am extremely curious about other programming languages as well, so despite C# being my main one, I wrote some apps in Rust, C++ and Javascript!
  • I love game jams! I entered ~30 of them so far, my favourite one probably being Ludum Dare. You can check out my entries!

  • Check out this dedicated page to see more!