Seb Decuyper

My name is Sebastien Decuyper, sometimes called "Glaas" on social media. I am a programmer / game designer living in Berlin, Germany, currently working at Wolpertinger Games on a bullet-heaven roguelike called "Survivor Mercs".

I specialize in game programming with a focus on tool development, mostly in Unity, and sometimes Unreal Engine.

When not tinkering with code,

Awards and acknowledgements
  • This game I made for Ludum Dare 47 ranked in the top 30%!
  • I sometimes volunteer and attend Gamesweekberlin and Devcom, and I always hang out at A MAZE./BERLIN!
  • This desktop pet I made got over 13 000+ downloads 😯
  • Things I do!
  • Have I mentioned I'm also a blacksmith? 🔨🔥
  • I try to complete the Advent of code every year since 2020!
  • I am extremely curious about other programming languages as well, so despite C# being my main one, I wrote some apps in Rust, C++ and Javascript! So far, Nannou has been my favourite framework for creative coding.
  • I love game jams! I entered ~30 of them so far, my favourite one probably being Ludum Dare. You can check out my entries!
  • Survivor Mercs

    Roguelite bullet-heaven

    High Rise

    Innovative take on the match-3 genre in a relaxing puzzle game

    Check out this dedicated page to see more!