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Sebastien Decuyper - CV


📞 +33 6 35 40 42 59


#️⃣ GitHub

🐦 @GlaasGD

🔗 LinkedIn


🗣️ Languages

English: Fluent

French: Native speaker

German: Basic

👩🏻‍💻 Work experience

💻 VR / AR Lead developer - 2022 - Berlin, DE

Main developer on two different projects, AR and VR. Both are showcased on my portfolio.

🔗 VR - Firefighting
🔗 AR - SafePassenger

Under the supervision of the project lead, we made two projects designed to be showcases for innovations presented at the BMBF-Innovationsforum "Zivile Sicherheit" 2022.

Alone at first, I was joined mid-way through development by a 3D artist and a sound designer, and was responsible for overseeing their work.

Except for asset production, I was responsible for every aspect of production, from prototyping to shipping.

🗣️ Coordinator - CLC Linguistic trips

CLC - Club Langues et Civilisations - 2019 - Plymouth, UK

In charge of the entire stay with three assistants under my command. For two weeks in Plymouth, UK, we supervised 40 children and guided them through different activities every day.

🚸 High School Assistant

COLLEGE ALAIN 2017-2018 - Saint-Fons, FR

Lycée du Parc Chabrières 2016-2017 - Oullins, FR

Management of students, supervision, administrative work, archiving, educational support in priority areas.

📖 Student Assistant (Studentische Hilfskraft)
University of Europe for Applied Sciences – 2021-2022 - Berlin, DE

Various duties to help the Game Design department of the university

  • Creating Unity templates for students
  • Event management
  • IT
  • Miscellaneous tasks

  • 📞 Call Center
    Astus inc. - 2018 - Lyon, FR
    Open-space telephone operator, troubleshooting for business and private customers, crisis management, etc.

    🏫 Civic Service - Book Ambassador

    AFEV (Association de la Fondation Étudiante pour la Ville) - 2018-2019 - Lyon, FR

    Work with young children (elementary and kindergarten level), to familiarize them with books. Position at the crossroads between librarian and event organizer.

    📖 Student Assistant (Vacataire Université)

    Université Lumiere Lyon 2 - 2016-2017, Bron, FR

    Organizational and communication work, help with the organization of the university, redirection and help for students and their families.

    📖 Education

    Game Design Bachelor
    University of Europe for Applied Sciences - 2020 - ongoing - Berlin, DE

  • Student representative

  • Modern Literature Bachelor (License Lettres Modernes) Université Lumière Lyon 2 - 2015-2018 - Bron, FR

    Metallic Structures Professional Degree (Baccalauréat professionnel, Ouvrage du bâtiment - Métallerie)
    Ecole Maurice La Mache - 2013-2015 - Lyon, FR

  • Student representative
  • Blacksmithing degree (CAP Ferronnerie d'Art)

    Lycée des métiers d'art Georges Guynemer - 2011-2013 - Uzes, FR

    Game Design Bachelor
    Bellecour Ecole - 2019 - Lyon, FR (unfinished because of relocating)

  • Student representative

  • 🛠 Technical Skills

    💻 Main Technologies

    Unity, Git, AR & VR, CLI

    💻 Skills

  • Tool development and extending Unity
  • Gameplay programming
  • Task automation
  • Shader programming
  • Code and data architecting
  • #️⃣ Programing languages

  • C# - Main language, high proficiency
  • HLSL - Between beginner and intermediate
  • C++ - Basics
  • Rust - Basics
  • Javascript - When I have to, for web-related projects

  • ⚒️ Tools

  • Main
  • Unity, Visual Studio Code, Git, Blender, Photoshop, Premiere, Substance, Aseprite, Notion

  • Secondary
  • Unreal Engine, Maya, ZBrush, Adobe Audition, After Effects, Godot, Pixel FX Designer

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